Black Desert adds the Skill UI update and new male hairstyles, mobile adds Awakenings and the Wardrobe


Black Desert is a game of two parts for me: wondering what skills to use and trying to muddle through its weird UI, and making sure my character looks impossibly good. Both of those things are about to get a little bit more improvement thanks to this week’s update, which has added the updated Skill Window and some sweet new male hairstyles.

The Skill Window revamp, which was previewed during the Heidel Ball, promises to provide an easier look at the benefits of Skills as well as an easier toggle between Awakened and Succession skills. This update has also added a new adventure log from Pavino Greko, the aforementioned pretty new hairstyles for male characters, and a list of clues to help make finding the pieces for the Rich Merchant’s Ring easier to find. Bear in mind, though, that the fourth piece will be available in the O’dyllita update.

Black Desert Mobile is changing the character power and character fashion games as well, with a recent update that adds Awakening for nearly every class in the game, a Wardrobe feature to dress up your adventurer with the stats and armor appearances of items placed in the wardrobe, the ability to awaken accessories, and a ranked arena boost.

sources: Black Desert official site, Black Desert Mobile official site (1, 2)

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