Catan: World Explorers is now up for beta in New Zealand

Please don't.

In order for Catan: World Explorers to be properly beta tested, people are going to need to go outside and play it. Fortunately for the team at Niantic, people in New Zealand actually can go outside, which is why the beta testing is now open for players in New Zealand to roam around, gather resources, and amass victory points in the game’s overall territory gameplay. Although we imagine most residents of the nation are already tired enough of jokes about having to gather sheep.

For those of you who missed it, Catan: World Explorers is the next title out of Niantic, and it looks like it’s going to run in a fairly similar fashion to the studio’s other games with players going to locations, gathering resources, and then buying things. The difference is chiefly that you’re interacting with faint echoes of a board game instead of Harry Potter. If that sounds like your bag, well, you can ask your friends in New Zealand how it is.

Source: Twitter

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I’m in Wellington and have been playing it for a week. It’s really quite fun, and I look forward to seeing where Niantic takes it.


New catan game? Nice! Mobile? Oh. Niantic? Oh no.

Have fun beta testing and falling in hobbit holes, suckers. We’ll sit back and enjoy our raging pandemic.


Just wait until the stories start rolling…

“Some rando guy just walked into my yard playing CWE and gave me COVID!”