EVE Online’s CCP Games cancels EVE San Diego and all 2021 events over COVID


April’s EVE Fanfest won’t be the only EVE Online live event that will succumb to COVID-19, unfortunately: CCP Games announced today that it will also cancel the September San Diego EVE event as well as all events in 2021.

“Due to the ongoing global circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel the official EVE event in San Diego that was scheduled to take place between 18-19 September 2020. The safety and well-being of our players, staff and the general public remains absolutely paramount, so we feel the decision not to go ahead with the San Diego event represents the most responsible course of action available to us at this time. We would also like to share that we will not be hosting any physical CCP events in 2021.”

That’s a bummer for the worldwide EVE community for sure, but CCP does remind everyone that it’ll be offering more digital experiences and “increasing [its] support for community-led events in 2021 by actively promoting player gatherings, increasing dev presence, and providing swag.” That includes scheduled small-group visits at the company’s brand-new Reykjavik studio too.

CCP has been one of the most vocal MMORPG studios in the fight against COVID, both with a PLEX for GOOD campaign for virus relief as well as a new Project Discovery initiative that puts players to work researching the disease.

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