Final Fantasy XI’s newest login campaign offers you a bed for moogles

These guys.

Unfortunately for dedicated Final Fantasy XI players,the latest login campaign for FFXI does not give you a bed made of moogles. In fact, it’s not even in the shape of a moogle. It’s just an otherwise normal bed decorated with a tasteful moogle duvet and a moogle face on the headboard. But that’s still about 200% more moogle than you could previously have on a bed in the game, so if that is precisely your jam you should probably be jumping on the login campaign starting this Friday, July 10th.

As with prior login campaigns, you can carry over a portion of points from previous campaigns and will receive 100 points per login during the campaign period. The bed itself costs 500 points, so even just one login will allow you to rest your head by a moogle’s face when you lie down to sleep in the evening; however, there are also prior mounts and other valuable items available for players who need them. But will any of the rest of them let you lie down for sleep before your house moogle content that he now knows who’s boss? We think not.

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