Wizard101’s avatar overhauls and Pirate101’s rewarding trivia


KingsIsle’s kid-friendly MMORPGs are cranking out the summer fun, so let’s touch base with them today and see what’s going on in the magical world of the Spiral!

In Wizard101, the upcoming summer content patch is slated to overhaul player character looks: “We’ve taken the improvements we’ve made in creating creatures in later worlds and applied them to your characters. They should stay true to the look you’re used but look improved.” Other additions include a Beastmoon Monster Mayhem event and PvP adjustments.

It’s not quite as exciting over in Pirate101, but KingsIsle is bringing its FreeKI Games Trivia to both of the MMO websites. Why is this notable? Because by answering trivia questions, players can earn free crowns to spend in the games’ cash shops.


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