Albion Online’s next big update adds a massive explorable transportation system


When Rise of Avalon launches for Albion Online later this summer, it’s adding a new system that turns ol’ Doc Brown’s mantra on its head because where you’re going, you definitely need roads. The system, dubbed Roads of Avalon, allows players to travel across the world and venture out beyond the Outlands, but these shortcuts are not just a matter of walking or instaporting.

“To enter the Roads, you will have to find a gateway to Avalon. They have a limited capacity for how many travellers can pass through them in each direction, and must recharge before additional players can enter or leave. The smallest will only let two players pass before its capacity is depleted, while the larger ones will allow small to medium size groups to pass. The gateways also have a limited lifetime, so be sure to check how much time a gateway has left if you plan to return to where you started. Once you enter a gateway, you’ll find yourself in the ancient kingdom of Avalon, specifically its road network. These ancient roads were built aeons ago by the Avalonians, who are now reactivating the mechanisms that power the gateways and the paths that connect them.”

We’re getting some Wheel of Time The Ways vibes right now, yeah?

Sandbox says this system is so complex that you can expected no less than two additional videos on the topic – other than this one, of course.


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So wormholes are coming to Avalon. That’s cool and I’d be all for it if I wasn’t ticked off at the game and avoiding it atm.

Dug From The Earth

massive explorable transportation system

All I could think of here was a giant, fantasy like Train, that you could walk around on and explore.