The Cycle brings around Season 3 with a new hub and new Prospectors

Home away from what pretends to be home.

It’s time for a new season in The Cycle, and this season brings with it a chance to kick back, relax, and get a fresh perspective on matters with the arrival of Prospect Station. This home away from the storm gives you a chance to relax, meet your fellow Prospectors, enjoy a drink in The Lucky Leafman (it is assumed by the name that drinks will be had there), and prepare for your next mission.

Fortunately, the new season is not marked solely via a social hub in which you can kick around and waste time; that’d be fun, but it wouldn’t really be much in the way of content. No, this season also features two new Prospectors, Primetime and the Ronin, as well as a new contract featuring a magnetic train for all of your heist-based dreams. You can check out a quick overview in the trailer just below.


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Could Massively do an “impressions” article about the cycle?