Torchlight 2 will be free while Torchlight 3 reveals its end-game system and plans a wipe

Trying to!

Freebie alert! From July 16th through the 23rd, you can grab Torchlight 2 for free on the Epic Games Store. We shouldn’t have to tell you that this is a no-brainer for a great game, especially for those ARPG fans still holding back from diving into the sequel.

But speaking of Torchlight 3, the online game is in its fourth week of early access and just revealed its end-game system. Fazeer’s Dun’djnn Challenge features a djinni who “conjures a series of dungeons for you that escalate in difficulty, enchanted with dozens of new arduous and bewildering affixes […] Fazeer’s Dun’djinn also supports party play, so feel free to grab your friends (since you can’t resurrect yourself when playing solo!) and tackle Fazeer’s challenges as a team.”

Ectra Games also is working hard on an overhaul to the relics system, but unfortunately, this means that the game will be wiped when that update arrives. “Because of the dramatic change we plan to wipe all data on the live servers when this update goes out in about two or three weeks,” said the studio. “We know wipes aren’t something players generally look forward to and we don’t make this decision lightly.”

Source: PCGamesN, Steam

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Tee Parsley

‘You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!’


I forget, didn’t they promise no wipes back when this was torchlight frontiers?

Anyways, thank god this is an always online game otherwise players could likely keep their hard won progress. And we wouldn’t want that happening!


“dont take this decision lightly” seems like everytime the sun pokes out of the clouds Echtra Games has another wipe.

Dug From The Earth

I feel bad for those who have invested in this game…

Wipes during early access are harsh. You have already spent money on the game. This games launch was pretty awful, now that things have smoothed out for a bit, and players have actually been able to play and advance… I dont blame them if they rage over this.

Not only that, but they arent doing it for another 2-3 weeks! Its basically saying, “For the next 2-3 weeks, dont play the game you paid money for”

I didnt buy the game, nor do I plan to, but this is something that screams “Compensation is required!”


We knew all along a wipe was coming. And it’s written white on blue on the Steam store page. If people can’t be bothered to just scroll a little down and read 3 lines of text when they buy an early access title, I’m not sure they deserve any compensation.
Besides, that’s an arpg. It’s meant to be replayed.
Do we really need to “rage” over everything?

James Crow

i was about to write the same thing so thanks…
Totally agree with you – even if they didnt wrote about the wipes, players who playing in EA are need to know about wipes, we are just testers until Launch

Kickstarter Donor

I didnt buy the game, nor do I plan to, but this is something that screams “Compensation is required!”

Not really. It’s Early Access and they were clear that there would be wipes leading into launch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m bummed with the current state of things and haven’t really played for a bit, and an impending wipe doesn’t motivate me to play more until after it happens.

But this is kinda what we sign up for with Early Access games.


I can see both sides of this personally. On one hand the game clearly is early access and wipes are part of game development. People buying into the testing phase should be prepared for that.

On the other hand it is a commercial product and that means that there is a value proposition that is completely fine to criticize. For example I don’t see any issue with giving the game a negative review based on this. If the developer doesn’t want their game to be treated like a product that customers pay for then they shouldn’t sell it when it’s not ready.


I think part of the issue is that early access hasn’t really meant early access for most of the games put up there as that. Many just use it as a sorta beta or literal early access to something pretty much done but not really, instead of like ‘hey pay money to be a Q&A tester and we might use some of your suggestions’