Star Trek Online is all about Klingons today for its Day of Honor


You woke up and you thought that this Saturday was going to be just another normal day. Maybe some late morning pancakes, some mumbled protests about not mowing because it’s too hot, and then a whole lot of gaming under the guise of “social distancing.”

What you didn’t know that this Saturday actually is… A Day of Honor. All afternoon Saturday (today) beginning at 3 p.m. EDT, Star Trek Online and various streamers are partnering up for a whole bunch of chat and reveals about this year’s Klingon focus in the game. Among the topics to be discussed include starship design, recent updates, and Klingon culture.

Massively OP’s Eliot recently took a look at STO’s new Klingon-themed House Divided arc, saying, “The writing team has taken one of the most frequently used tropes in Star Trek (Klingon civil war) and actually made it interesting and novel.”


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Hikari Kenzaki

I think I’ll watch this just to watch the viewer count drop off when they do the ‘Klingon Culture’ segment with Discovery guests…

Did I mention their mods ban anyone who criticizes Discovery Klingons? Saw it happen during the anniversary. Could have been me, but someone else made the comment before me and got the boot.


Something something Klingorcs?