Star Citizen deep-dives the art underpinning its ship design


It’s time once again for even more ship design porn from Star Citizen. If you’re the sort that adores all of the attention CIG gives its ever-growing fleet of internet spaceships, then you’re likely going to be a fan of the recent Star Citizen Live video, which features concept artist Gavin Rothery and a variety of the ships he helped to design.

If you’ve enjoyed looking at ships like the Gladius, the Terrapin, the Prospector, or the Prowler, then you’ve been seeing Rothery at work. The video offered a number of insights into his design ethos as well as how the team concepts ships, and (naturally) showed off a variety of Rothery’s concept art pieces, including several cross-section pieces, which he says are some of his favorite to create.

The video doesn’t exactly discuss new features for Star Citizen, but then, it’s not really meant to. It’s meant to be a celebration of one of CIG’s talented artists and the work the art team puts into the game’s ships. If you can appreciate that, then feel free to take it all in after the cut.

source: YouTube

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ichi sakari

hopefully the new flight model will bring out the characteristics of the various designs


Love spaceship porn.

Tee Parsley

Does CIG keep artists working on ships from particular shipbuilding companies? That’d be an interesting way to hardcode a style into the in-game designs.