Elder Scrolls Online’s Stonethorn DLC launches August 24 for PC, September 1 for console


Elder Scrolls Online is apparently not wasting any time when it comes to its Stonethorn cadence. After announcing the new DLC last Thursday, it’s already pushed it to the PTS as of yesterday, and now today, we have a launch date: August 24th for PC and September 1st for console.

As we’ve previously noted, Stonethorn includes two dungeons themed along the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline – Castle Thorn and Stone Garden – along with their associated encounters and gear. The paid DLC (accessible freely for subbers as always) will also be accompanied by a free-to-all update with two-person mounts, additional performance upgrades, and some nifty housing perks that involve scripted NPCs.

In other ESO news, the team’s begun releasing lore bits about the characters headlining the DLC. First up is Lady Thorn herself. So charming.

Source: Twitter
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