EVE Online’s Zenith update begins the apex to the Triglavian invasion, adds new items and features


Today marks the rising crescendo of the Triglavian invasion in EVE Online. The Zenith update kicks off the beginning of the sandbox’s third quadrant for 2020 and signals the tail end of the invasion as well as promising that players will influence the final “star-spanning consequences” in this update.

The entirety of the third quadrant will bring new challenges, new live events, balance changes, and new visuals to EVE Online, while today’s update introduces a new Proving Filament item that can take Capsuleers to the Abyssal Proving Ground for some PvP action as explained in an earlier dev blog post.

Today’s update will also introduce new Siege Object and Structure Deeds and new encounters and NPC ships that can be found in Abyssal Sites. More details can be found on the update section of the website.

source: press release

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