Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is adding new Statute of Secrecy training to the game

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Need a little more pep in your step while playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? The new Statute of Secrecy training is there to deliver just that. Everyone above level 4 is eligible to invest in new skill trees that allow for heretofore unseen powers, providing stronger potions, reducing the odds of Foundables departing, making potions brew faster, and providing other effects as specialized by each individual player. The training also comes with Charms to cast on the map to increase the effects of individual points of interest.

So how do you unlock these new skills? You play the game, obviously. Three new resources (Defense Against the Dark Arts books, Field Guides, and Ministry Manuals) will be available for you to unlock these new skills, with the latter two available through normal play and Defense Against the Dark Arts books coming from participating in special events. So hey, now you’ve got more motivation to take part in events and to keep slinging spells on your phone.

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