Multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame enters closed beta on September 15


The self-described “action survival MMORPG” Frozen Flame is soon entering its next stage of metamorphosis. Following its initial reveal in June and its backers-only alpha in July, the game now moves to closed beta on Tuesday, September 15th.

Beta will introduce a number of new things for players such as new game zones with new mini-bosses and artifacts, the ability for players to further build up their houses or clan fortresses, and improvements to enemy AI and the game’s PvP system.

As with the alpha test, entering closed beta is done through the purchase of a founder’s pack, with the most basic package granting closed beta access and a few other goodies at $30 or the Hero bundle adding a few more extras at $50. Those who bought in to the alpha access will automagically get in to beta. And speaking of those who bought in to alpha access, there’s a video of the experiences of some of those early adopters embedded below.

source: press release

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I love the art direction. This looks similar to Dauntless but more sandboxy and less instanced. The dragons look fantastic. Hoping this turns out to be good.


Presumably at this stage the developers are committed to the art direction, but that video really lacks any distinct personality. It seems to draw so much inspiration from Fortnite’s characters and world design. It’s a turn off :(