Neverwinter’s upcoming Summer Festival features fashion, football, and fast snails

That snail is fast (fast fast fast fast)


The summertime festivities are about to arrive in Neverwinter as the appropriately named Summer Festival draws nigh, bringing a bunch of events to partake in and goodies to collect.

In addition to things like troll fighting, eating contests, water battles, and flower picking, this year’s Festival introduces Sahha Ball, a 5v5 team-based sport that looks a bit like soccer (hence the football in the headline) with sections of the pitch marked with symbols. Players who enter the arena will see their powers swapped out for Sahha-related abilities, while the other particulars of how to play will likely be explained at the festival grounds.

Naturally, there are a bunch of pretty items for players to chase after, including the new Sun of Sune companion and a number of returning items like cosmetic outfits, a summonable pinata for players to whack at, and mounts like the Water Horse, Blue Ribbon Pig, and Flail Snails.

It all begins this Thursday, July 16th and runs until Thursday, August 6th. Make sure to check the official site for all the details on events and goodies.


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