Path of Exile elaborates on changes to storage tanks and Harvest crafting descriptions coming in the next patch


This week’s patch for Path of Exile will be making a number of adjustments, but in a separate post made to the game’s forums, Grinding Gear Games casts a quick spotlight on specific tweaks to storage tanks and the Harvest crafting panel.

Once this next update arrives, players can look forward to storage tanks holding up to 1,000 units of Lifeforce, up from 300. There will also be a new storage tank that can hold up to 5,000 units of Lifeforce, though that tank will cost a significant amount of Lifeforce to purchase. In addition, players will be able to swap smaller tanks for larger ones, transferring any Lifeforce stored inside in the process.

As for the Harvest crafting panel, the highlighting of key words will be easier to read, letting players see at a glance what crafting modifiers are available, such as the word “caster” being highlighted in blue. These features and more are all part of this week’s patch 3.11.1b.


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On PS4 this league has been particularly painful over and above the league issues others have mentioned below. Constant crashes way beyond what PS4 players usually expect. I mean for a period of time yesterday the log in server went down completely so no one could join the game at all and it’s a wonder anyone is still playing at this point.

To give some perspective GGG ran a race for consoles users similar to the pc one to see who could kill the harvest boss in solo self found hard core over a two week period with prizes. No one managed it even after they extended it a week. So they opened it up to all versions of the Harvest league (trade, hardcore trade and ssf) on both consoles and fewer than 30 players managed it.

Now while GGG don’t say I expect the issues I mentioned in the first paragraph will have been a major contributor along with apathy towards the league in general.

I don’t even think this league is bad the crafting options are fantastic. The way they give them to you coupled with the crash issues not so much. I have been a big supporter of GGG for several years but I must admit I am starting to get a bit disillusioned with them.

I hate feeling like that /sigh


I’m playing this league, but I got to be honest, I’m not playing the league mechanic at all. When playing I already have so many things to manage that managing a garden does not sound the least bit enticing.

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Man, they’re taking a painfully obnoxious and pointless mechanic and…making it slightly less painfully obnoxious and pointless.

This league would be so amazing if they didn’t have a quarterly schedule and could have legit built a specific UI around managing your garden without needing to run all over the place.

Because the 300 cap on storage tanks alone is just…freakin why? That’s so arbitrarily low. My brother’s still playing the league hardcore and watching the life drain out of him as he spent an hour reworking part of his garden to optimize it made me feel all the better about quitting it early on.

I still really wish they’d slow down to quarterly updates and give them a bit more time to bake. Even when it’s not a polarizing league (this one seems to be more polarizing than most, with steeper dropoffs even than Synthesis or Blight so far) it feels like it takes a month+ before they get them into a good place. And by then it’s half over and you’ve lost a good chunk of players.

I mean…what they’re doing is clearly working now with the quarterly updates…but I wonder how much better the experience for end-users would be if they had more time to iron out the kinks in these updates before players start ramming their faces into brick walls of poor design.