Mabinogi will unleash the power of pets in its next update


Having a pet in Mabinogi will be quite a bit different with the next planned update. Dubbed the P.E.T. update (which stands for Pawsitively Elite Training), players will get access to the Power of the Fynn and unlock all-new Fynn Pets, which is earned when players fuse their main pet with other pets using Fynn Sync.

What makes a pet a Fynn Pet? How about having a higher max level, more inventory, and special pet abilities and perks that can be summoned during a battle? Speaking of pet perks, several of the game’s existing perks like Wild Frenzy and Wings of Haste will be getting adjusted as well. There will also be a number of new Fynni Pets, which can be earned by collecting Fynni Gems in battle and using the Fynni Blossoming skill to make them bloom. Finally, the update will introduce the faerie realm of Mag Mell in a future patch.

All of the pet-centric action will arrive to Mabinogi tomorrow, but there are some peeks ahead on both the website and in a video below.

source: press release
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