Primordials of Amyrion is a 1v1 ‘tug-of-war MOBA’ arriving to Steam and Epic Games Store in October


Ever show up late to the party but wanted to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care in spite of that? That might be what Primordials of Amyrion is feeling like. It’s a new MOBA arriving to early access on both EGS and Steam on October 6th, with a closed beta set to kick off on July 29th before then.

The presser we received describes Primordials as a “tug-of-war MOBA” where players rule over kingdoms and build armies to increase their power and influence. Players can upgrade their chosen Primordial as well as their champions, minions and towers to directly counter an opponent’s army thanks to some resource management, all of which plays out in a 1v1 matchup in order to test players’ mettle.

More information is available on the official game website while a look at gameplay is in the trailer after the break.

source: press release

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