Black Desert adds new PvP server, revamps main quest rewards for new levelers

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Black Desert’s PC updates almost flew under the radar this week because they had no tentpole feature or event, but there’s still plenty to do, especially if you’re a PvP player. That’s because Kakao and Pearl Abyss added a new PvP season server. From the patch notes:

“Changed the Season5 server to a dedicated Arsha server for season characters. Similar to the other season servers there will be a Combat and Skill EXP buff. However, there will be an additional Item Drop Rate +50%, like in the regular Arsha server. PvP between characters (including forced PvP) will be free from all penalties in this server. However, characters with negative karma will still receive penalties. World and field bosses will not appear in this server.”

Redditors have also pointed to the Serendia and Calpheon main quest reward revamp as being one that looks super boring in the notes but in fact constitutes a huge buff to leveling gear; this Naru gear can be enhanced easily and cheaply as new players ascend the ranks, effectively making catching up a much less daunting process.

In other Black Desert news, the Xbox One version of the game continued teasing the hashashin, and Pearl Abyss opened its merch store. Carlo is happy, anyway.

Source: Patch notes

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Seasonal PvP server. That could be interesting enough for me to check out BDO again for a bit.

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None of that is important news. The best news of the patch was the addition of three new hairstyles for female characters. They’re actually high-quality types of hairstyles, too!

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One must have priorities.