Korean hybrid MOBA Hunter’s Arena Legends has hit early access on Steam


So who remembers earlier in 2020 when we first covered Hunter’s Arena Legends, a hybrid battle royale MOBA with fighting game inspo and stunning graphics thanks to its Korean studio Mantisco? Welp, it’s having a big week, as it’s officially rolled into global early access, which in this case seems to be more like a soft launch with a $19.99 price point on Steam.

“Hunter’s Arena: Legends takes the well worn battle royale genre and gives it a shake-up with some exciting new twists on the formula, all in a beautifully realised world to deliver one of the most visually striking experiences of its kind. Elements of RPG’s and MOBA’s have been blended into a brand new multiplayer experience to create dynamic action-packed combat encounters. 60 players will need to level up in-game by hunting monsters, overcoming fierce boss characters and conquering over 20 challenging dungeons for precious buff-granting loot, all while engaged in a tactical battle of skills with each other to be the last person standing and emerge victorious.”

The most recent updates to the game include a new swordsman character, Yoongeon, and a new free-for-all game mode that mixes PvE and PvP. The studio is promising a roadmap “over the coming months.”

Source: Press release, Steam

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Zulika Mi-Nam

I have a hard time telling the difference between this game and Shadow Arena by the BDO team.

Being as Shadow is “FTP” and Hunter’s has a $20 entry free I think this will be a hard sale.

I like that they are a least trying to put a different spin on this genre, more than most are anyway. This seemed to want to be like a MOBA/BA combo since there is some PVE involved, which caught my attention.

But I think the BA genre is already way too saturated to even try to stand out with that.


Comparing this to Bleeding Edge. Combat mechanics & graphics here look stunning.


Graphics don’t make a game and it’s already getting mixed reviews on Steam, GG