PlanetSide 2 brings on summer-themed directives and Bastion tweaks in the latest patch


With PlanetSide 2 reportedly still working on its next major update, what will lowly space soldiers have to do in-between? Wield water balloons and squirt pistols in combat! That’s just one of several summertime directives arriving in today’s patch.

From now until August 16th, players will find the Soldier Soaker squirt pistol and Water Balloons in their loadout inventory, which can be used to both harm foes and douse fires as well as be used in one of several directive objectives during the event. Other directives include earning kills as a MAX unit or against MAX units, killing enemy vehicles while in a vehicle, or earning experience by taking and defending control points.

The update has also made an adjustment to Bastions, removing their ability to generate Empire Strength due to the fact that players are already motivated to summon Bastions to the map while also addressing an issue where the Power Projection meter could get stuck when a continent would re-open. To make up for the shortfall and to increase strategic targets, there will be three new bases on each continent that will contribute to earning Empire Strength.

The patch notes have all of the particular details about these updates and other minor fixes, as well as a word about the aforementioned large-scale Missions/Campaigns update, noting that more details will be unveiled in the next developer livestream.


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Dankey Kang

Not exactly the campaign/missions patch we’ve been hoping for, but better than a kick in the balls I guess…