Albion Online celebrates three years online and spring playerbase peaks

Saturday is also all right for fighting

Remember 2017? It wasn’t great, but anything looks good compared to 2020, right? It was also when Albion Online launched. No, not the Steam launch. No, not the free-to-play launch. The original launch on July 17, 2017. And that makes the game three years old as of today.

Sandbox Interactive has put out a recap of the game’s last year, from the introduction of the Avalonians and the Queen update to the mobile upgrade and COVID-19 response. Rise of Avalon is on deck for August, of course, and the devs are talking up their spring record.

“The Queen Update was by far the most successful Albion Online content update since launch, confirmed by consistent population growth since launching in January, and a record-high of over 500,000 monthly users in April 2020,” the studio writes. “Nearly six months in the making, Queen was nothing less than a complete revisioning of Albion’s high-level endgame, although the new features and systems it introduced affected players of all levels and playstyles.” Do note the graph stops in April, so it’s not clear how the rest of the spring and early summer have treated the game.

In-game events for the anniversary are outlined on the official site.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

It was the fishing system that drew me to Albion Online. Those tranquil fishing days.