City of Titans is releasing a big avatar builder patch next week


It’s been a while since we’ve heard a whole lot from the City of Titans team, but Missing Worlds Media is back with a July update to go along with its next patch.

“This week we have some exciting progress that we’re finally able to share with you,” the team says. “We are announcing a patch to the Avatar Builder that will be released next week. This patch will feature new costuming pieces, and will make some important coding changes that will improve functionality throughout all of City of Titans.”

The dev blog includes a long list of new costume pieces, from medical masks (don’t leave home without one – seriously) to capes. There’s also a run-down of other “under-the-hood” tweaks and tools and content, including integrations with Unreal, work on new neighborhoods, and performance tweaks for the Avatar Builder and the city as a whole.

“Avel has also been working on improvements to the slider controls, more menu options for controlling audio/video settings, and improved load/save features that will be used across game elements. These will be released to players once they are ready to go. Overall, what these changes mean for players is that, with this patch City of Titans will begin to run smoother, take up less memory and RAM, will be more expandable, and able to adapt better to the hardware it’s being run on.”

The update is expected next week and will be accessible to $50+ backers.


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The City

Oh look, Missing Worlds is doing more talking again……..
Ya’ll sound like Charlie brown’s teacher at this point.