Destiny 2 expands its Season of Arrivals as a result of the Beyond Light expansion delay


Since Destiny 2’s upcoming Beyond Light expansion has been pushed back into November, reason would perhaps stand that the ongoing Season of Arrivals would need a few more things to do. Luckily, Bungie is offering just that with an extension of the Season’s events as well as a new calendar of upcoming content.

Among these schedule changes is an extension of the Moments of Triumph to November 10th, a shift for the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost to land on October 6th, and a bunch of new ritual activity modifiers. The devs are also promising more surprises and reveals for Beyond Light in the weeks to come.

The rest of the weekly Bungie post details Grandmaster Nightfall reward improvements, a temporary end to the Seeker of Brilliance perk that was causing an unwanted surge in Legendary Shard and Glimmer earning rates, and the usual roundup of issue discussion and community spotlighting. As for that calendar of events, that’s been pasted below; click on the image for a larger version.

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