MapleStory preps Rise: Surge of Power event for July 22, Yum Yum trip for August 12


MapleStory can’t stop, won’t stop: It’s now gearing up for what Nexon is calling a “massive summer update,” Rise: Surge of Power that picks up where Rise: Promise of the Guardian left off.

“Beginning July 22, Maplers can participate in the Burning World event, and continue Rise events. Through the Burning World event, players can create up to 3 Mega Burning characters. Until September 17, Maplers will receive a variety of perks for quick growth and rapidly increase a total of 3 levels every time they level up, up to level 150.”

You’ll be gathering all the rise coins you can fit in your pack through multiple quests and events, and then on August 12th, you’re going to Yum Yum Island, and I am not even making that up. There, “players level 215 and above will meet Bappy and set out on an adventure to investigate the secrets of the creatures in Yum Yum Island.”

Source: Press release

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