EVE Online kicks off a series of competitive Proving Ground events


There’s barely any reason to instigate a fight in EVE Online since players can simply blow you apart for the crime of logging on at an unlucky time of day. However, with the recent update’s instanced Proving Grounds PvP locations introduction, CCP Games is offering a new reason for players to square off: glory. Also, free stuff.

The Champions of the Abyss event will feature a series of three different PvP faceoffs in the Proving Grounds over the course of Quadrant 3, each with unique rules like a five-player destroyer free-for-all or a 2v2 battle featuring Tech One combat, attack, and disruption cruisers. Players rack up a point on a leaderboard for each victory in the events, with draws or losses not having an effect on the final score.

The top 10 players will net 1,000 PLEX and a unique medal, while the top five can get a postage-free $50 order from the merch store and their names on an in-game billboard. Additionally, the top three players will also score a ship model of their choice from Mixed Dimensions.

In other EVE Online news, there’s yet another episode of The Scope which focuses on the Triglavian invasion war front instead of the player-run World War Bee II for whatever reason. If that sort of information is your bag, then you can check the video below.


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