WRUP: These are some sins local animals have committed edition


Turkeys: At least two of the neighborhood turkeys were guilty of bearing false witness when I asked them if they had seen my keys and they simply replied by making turkey noises. I followed them and they immediately dropped my keys, then ran off into the woods while shouting epithets in my direction.

Turtles: The new fad for turtles along the path is to slap aggrandizing stickers across their shells, a clear violation of the sin of pride. Popular slogans include “Maximum Shell,” “You Ain’t Feel Well Without A Shell,” and “All Dogs Are Stupid Also I Have A Shell.”

Bears: One of the local bears asked to borrow my rake to clean up his den and I said it would be fine. However, when I saw him this week I asked him to return it, but he said he loaned it to another bear. That bear said he loaned it to another bear in turn and he promised to get it back, but you could tell he was not being serious about that promise.

Deer: Answering What Are You Playing. I am certain some sins are involved there.

Sparrow: Knocking on the doors of houses in the neighborhood, then asking the person inside if their refrigerator is running. Upon being told that it is, the sparrow is then shouting, “This proves God isn’t real and we should all worship a golden calf statue!” before flying away.

Bullfrog: There is absolutely no way that the Bullfrog’s Patented Debauchery Van is not producing at least seven or eight sinful events every time it drives down the road. He refuses to let me get inside to find out for sure, though. He insists there’s a cover charge even if I don’t intend to partake.

Bonus question: What movie have you found yourself most altered in your opinion on over time? (You hated it at first but like it now, or the reverse.)

Andy McAdams: Continue to bounce around World of Warcraft. I’m trying to got my Alliance-side Rogue to max level (and took the time to get my class mount) and I keep waffling between leveling an Alliance-side Priest (which is now 81) and a Worgen Druid. I always like the idea of the druid, but the reality never seems to keep me engaged. I think its mostly I just want flight form, but I might try that. I also really want to level a Resto/Ele Shaman, but I don’t like any of the races on the Alliance side that can be Shaman, and I want to level something with my vulpera because I love them, just my guild is Alliance side which means if I play a vulpera, I’m running it totally solo.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Mostly Lord of the Rings Online for me. I’ll swing by Star Wars Galaxies Legends to craft a bit, but I’m finding I need the peace and quiet of LOTRO more.

Probably a Star Wars movie – The Phantom Menace or The Last Jedi. Still not my favorites, but I am a lot less grumpy about them.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’ve fallen in to the hole of Ooblets pretty dang hard, so that is likely going to be a primary focus. I’m also super in love with my Black Desert Dark Knight and will certainly be hopping into that for that kriegsmesser swinging sweetness, and I might try to take a peek at what’s new in No Man’s Sky.

I can’t really think of a movie that’s really changed on me. I suppose the closest I can point to Demolition Man, a movie that I found mildly amusing then and now find spectacularly entertaining in that very dumb way.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Usual time-marking stuff in Final Fantasy XIV plus a lot of single-player games, I think. Or maybe staring at nothingness, I don’t even know. Actually, I have an urge to read my illustrated edition of The Hobbit again…

I try to rewatch a lot of the things that I consider particularly good or movies I didn’t consider good where I see a big deviation from my own thoughts about a film, so I consider a lot of my film opinions fluid; if it’s something I care about, it needs to be explored more than just the one time, and often rewatches just make it clearer how darn good the good stuff already was. My biggest turnaround, though, was probably Napoleon Dynamite; I really disliked it the first time I watched it, but every subsequent viewing has made it clear that it’s really a damn good comedy.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m currently in a rut MMO wise right now. I’ve been wanting to try some old games again but I haven’t taken the effort to find accounts and stuff. Star Wars: The Old Republic has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now. Thought I’d try it last week but didn’t want to go through the effort. Maybe this is the weekend.

I’m not exactly going to follow the question. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I’m going to bring up The Karate Kid. When I was little it seemed like such a great underdog story. Watching it as an adult, I can help but think that Daniel was a jerk and basically taunted Johnny. Watch it again and you’ll see. Half the time Cobra Kai was just hanging out when Daniel pulled some crap!

Pierre, patron: Another The Last of Us flavored weekend for me: The Last of Us NG+ and The Last of Us Part II are on the menu. As for MMOs, I’ll probably play some casual Final Fantasy XI.

Bonus question: Recently, I rewatched Terminator Genisys. When I watched it first, I didn’t like it. But this time, I felt different: it’s not a masterpiece but it’s a pleasant action movie to pass time anyway. And you MOP readers, what’s up this weekend? Always curious. Cheers!

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Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

Sooo, playing PS2, Deus Ex still, difficult game but alot of fun, Summoner, pretty cool but had to go back to a previous save as I guess I made incorrect skill choices for one of the characters and don’t have high enough lock pick skill which appears to be required, I am glad games are not really designed with that sort of possibility anymore, haven’t seen that many times. Also a little Soul Caliber 2. No MMO’s atm.

Bonus question: I don’t think there’s a movie that I have seen that I really changed direction on over time as far as like/dislike. Some of my all time favorite movies are, all Star Wars of course and I did enjoy the prequels as well as the more recent movies but imho Return of the Jedi and Darth Vader getting redemption was really what it was all about, loved The Last Jedi and the end with Luke and Kylo, that was awesome. Also Shawshank Redemption has always been a favorite of mine. Star Trek Wrath of Khan, my granddad took me to see it when I was 12 so good memory and probably the best ST movie I think. I have had many other favourites over the years, some I look at with a different perspective but, haven’t changed direction on really. I don’t really watch fiction really anymore, various reasons, my life is weird enough, feels like somehow I have become Fox Mulder or perhaps Neo with a little Inspector Clouseau in the mix, and for some reason nobody takes me seriously, there is a spoon, probably, but no I don’t think I can prove it so make your own mind up, but consider your source and the truth might not actually be out there.

I enjoy your humour Eliot. I hope you enjoy mine, but it’s totally not, but totally is.

Anyway have a great weekend everyone.

Bryan Cole

Hopped back into WoW, leveling alts now that xp is flying in like mad. Also dabbling a tiny bit in Lotro, but I probably won’t tackle that head on for another year now since I just leveled a guardian to cap. Hopping in and out of RoR for some world pvp/rvr and warhammer feels. Also redownloaded FFXIV in anticipation of the patch next month where the early MSQ gets fixed, yay, finally. Also slowly hopping into Destiny 2 on my xbox when I’m in the mood for FPS scifi fun.

This all in response to the New World delay, as I was just really waiting for that to come out in August but now that is no more, so now it’s back to MMO roulette.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – Didn’t finish the Community Day! :O Noooo! Just missed it by minutes. Turns out it was really hard on other players too. No exclusive rewards, so I just feel the waste of using so many consumables to get as far as I did. The second week of the cute animals event started and I’m already finishing the bonus quests, so that’s fine. Big update coming to add non-combat account progression, whether it be stronger potions, more spell energy from inns, or more manual local map manipulation.
  • Another Eden – Tried to do final(ish) boss of the original story but with the main cast which means playing on hard mode given how gacha empowers you so much. Was doing okay except my healing (and maybe missing one of the sub bosses that weaken the final boss), so I’m going to try to get the best gear of this point of the game and try again.
    Finished the Other Tale’s story of the Miyu character, she has weeks more grind to get all the rewards but that’s for later. Story rewards the un-upgraded version of her Lv 60 (still max level for gear in game so far, and max level of 4* characters) unique weapon so I’ll take it for now! The endgame version of her dungeon takes dozens of runs in order to upgrade her to a 5* character and fully upgrade her weapon. Even then, she’s apparently fallen completely out of meta, only acting as something of a free 5* for fully F2P players. Still want her.
    Also just about, like right now, to finish the story of the Ocean Palace episode, which I’ll also leave at that until weeks of grinding. This episode is relatively comic relief, fighting sea turtles and going through time portals in barrels, but I feel it acts as the setup for something bigger still to come in the Japan version.
    Started Fishing… ugh… and I do a bit of it and I will for months, but you won’t hear about it unless I accomplish special things with it.
    So now I’m going to largely focus on filling up me weapon/armor catalogue to get the ‘best’ gear for a story team to maybe survive the final boss. If that’s not enough, screw it, my overpowered team it is! Also have a bit to wrap up in the Persona 5 collab content, and I have almostttt all bonus characters I’d want for the fourth released episode, Time Mine and the Dreamers, so maybe I’ll go for that. It requires characters with ‘Miner’ or ‘Forager’ in their personality lists, parties are up to 6 characters, and I have 5 (of apparently 8 available) Miners, and 8 (of 8) Foragers. Problem is that one of the missing Miners is an especially big boost.
  • Magikarp Splash – Suspended.
  • Magia Record – Logins.
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Logins.
  • Blade xLord – Just logins and a bit of dailies actually. Wouldn’t say this is on chopping block, I just can’t stand its autoplay nature.
  • Sub to my Adventure – Suspended.
  • Guardian Tales – Surprised me, but I uninstalled. Several factors… A push to login on certain times for Arena. ‘Anti-SJW’ writing. Relatively low production value. Too-lengthy dailies/energy consuming activities. Might return to catch up on newer story one day, but the rest doesn’t keep me.
  • Last Cloudia – JP/GL event continues and grows, returning previous events and daily gacha pulls. But I’m drawing back from the game more to play others in meanwhile. Still doing dailies etc, just little more.
  • SWTOR – Suspended.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Nothing for me, though partner has taken to morning C&C matches with friends of ours.
  • Coromon – Suspended.
  • Memoria Freese – Uninstalled! Ultimately gave me too many ‘a worse Another Eden’ vibes so just went for the better thing.
  • Tales of Crestoria – A new release! Other than bugs and a bit of weak framerate, already enjoying it more than several recent mobile titles I’ve tried. First day was… uninspiring, but I kept going and was stuck to the screen. At minimum, useful to introduce me to the Tales series that I have one sitting in my Steam library. I even chose its protagonist as my free selection character :). (Velvet)

Partner’s doing (finished?) NOD campaign in C&C Remastered, and probably Animal Crossing and Astral Chain away from me. He’s also finally gotten around to Starcraft 2’s Legacy of the Void.

The episode I may try out next, if I can bear not having its feature character (Melina) like I don’t have for the other episode I’m so far skipping:

New game, after quitting a couple others.

And the ocean palace!… whoops, wrong undersea palace! I get this so mixed up, I wonder why.

Malcolm Swoboda

Update: finished the ocean palace final boss and main story. Took two tries. However, it teases a future story confrontation with a superboss once I do a heck of a lot of fishing and the subbosses it unlocks. Oh well, sometime!


This week: I thought I never would ever set foot and a pigtail near this genre (ie. Country & Western), but this is way too cool. Take it away Chicks…

Also this week: More WoW and Blade and Soul…

And finally: No examples of my this week. Just not ready to show it. Maybe next week? Non?

…either way, have a great week and weekend folks! And please stay safe! <3


PS/Bonus Answer: Free speech.

That is, at one time I believed in an unfettered version of this where I could say anything whenever and where ever I wanted without consequence. But I now realize in order for it to really work, it needs to be recognize for it’s natural limitations. Those are in part, of not being able to exist in vacuum and there is an account to be made for everything said.

…it’s too bad that some of my heroes of that previous time, have seem to gone off in an opposite direction to this. To which they do more damage to it, than those they perceive are suppressing it, IMO.

Bruno Brito

If you talk about cats, i swear to god, Eliot, that my crusade on the forums of public opinion will be harsh, my words will be poison and my keyboard, my blade.


I’m honestly pretty divided between my gaming. I’m playing Ragna0, a Zero server of Ragnarok Online with a friend. Good, but Ragnarok is still that korean grinder that i really can’t get into.

I’m also considering going back to ESO. Just for the more alternative playstyle of soloing and Housing.

I’m playing LOTRO, and my intention is to do EVERYTHING that the free quests allow me to, that includes the base f2p game, and deeding. I want my Hobbit Guardian to be the terror of low level mobs.

And i’m playing DDO. I was a bit concerned about leaving my Barbarian from the Cannith Server, but the Argonnessen is way more populated and Paladin is way easier to level.

And i’m drawing, as always. A bit more frequent, lately.

Drew my friend, my goblin Warrior-Shaman, a DTIYS ( drawthisinyourstyle ) of a goblin character of an artist i follow on twitter, my Ragna0 Crusader ( which got a retweet from the Ragnarok Online official page c: ) and my OC. I’m still struggling to paint stuff with my tablet. But i’m having fun.

Good weekend to y’all

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Along with the weekend days, I have Monday and Tuesday off, so I’ll be taking the family up to the Maine (US) seashore for a few days. In MMO’s, I’ve been spending some early mornings working my way through the Ravenloft Saga in Dungeons & Dragons Online. I haven’t seen several of these quests yet, and am having a great time running them. I’ll probably hit up LotRO as well this week – if I’m able. SSG’s servers have never been the most stable, but this week they’ve been wonky enough that I’m a little nervous when I enter dungeons.

Movies: When I was a kid I fell in love with Star Wars at age 11. I saw it in the movie theater/drive-in 26 times. When I was 17, I sat down one day to do some homework with the TV on. None of my usual fare was on, so I settled for an old black and white movie – Casablanca. Two hours later, I had a new favorite movie, and it remains my favorite to this day. Still a big fan of the original Star Wars, too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

blah blazh

Haven’t played MMOs or any games in a while. I’m not sure when I’ll get back into MMOs to be honest. Nothing has really excited me in the past few months. For other types of games, I did pick up Ghost of Tsushima and it is a really pretty game. It has good combat and I really like the quest guiding system. Instead of using traditional markers and a compass HUD like almost every other game has, it uses the wind to guide you. It really adds to the immersiveness of the game.

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Playing Maplestory, Burning world is a chance to level 3 alts quickly, each alt gives buffs to other alts but you have to level them to 60 at least, which is not much in a game with 275 levels!

IronSalamander8 .

Gave Warframe a try last night. Not sure what to think of it yet as I only beat the initial mission and 2 past it; it does look good and it runs well so far.

BfN-just got the Super Brainz ‘Brainium Basher 9000’ legendary upgrade and it’s weird but interesting to use. It does need a nerf for PvP though, it’s a bit too good of a combo of mobility and damage right now.

Minecraft and Creativerse a bit in the background, along with Deep Rock Galactic and Some R6 Siege.

I KSed Prodeus so got an alpha key and played some of that too. Avoiding going too far yet but it’s pretty solid old school FPS action already, so eager to see the finished product.

Bonus Question: Instead of movies I’d say I found some interesting change of opinion on some classic Doctor Who stories. I watched a lot of these as a kid and about 2 years ago I decided to get off my dupa and grab them on DVD so I could watch them all again and some episodes I loved as a kid, I find are actually pretty bad (such as the dreadful Invisible Enemy), while others I didn’t like as a kid, I find far more enjoyable today (like Kinda).

Bryan Turner

It sounds like a cool game but that game looks way too action oriented for me.

Bryan Turner

I’ve been playing a bit of everything this week, dabbling in WoW with a Prot Paladin, dabbling in ESO, played Grim Dawn kind of steady, and will dabble a bit in Diablo 3.

Watched a few documentaries today on Walter Mercado, another one on the Black Death.

Won a counter claim against Facebook after they put me on a 24 hour ban for calling racists White Trash by explaining to them it’s not racist if you’re White too.

Bryan Turner

Just going on a tangent I love this guy’s videos.