Lord of the Rings Online goes into its sixth day of server outages


The server woes that began last Wednesday for Lord of the Rings Online continued all through the weekend, with players on multiple realms left waiting for Standing Stone Games to fix the problems. As of Monday morning, the game is going into its sixth day of widespread downtime and server disruption. It also looks as though Dungeons and Dragons Online’s servers are being affected by this problem.

SSG posted its now-daily notice on Sunday, saying, “Arkenstone, Belegaer, Brandywine, Crickhollow, Evernight, Gladden, Gwaihir, Landroval, and Laurelin will be closed for the evening while we investigate issues at our data center. We will keep you updated. We are currently planning to keep the worlds down through Monday morning Eastern Daylight Time.” The servers are still down as we type this Monday morning.

On his July 17th livestream, Community Manager Jerry Snook acknowledged the start of the issues: “We had some server issues that began yesterday and cascaded into quite the late night for the team.” He said that hardware issues at the game’s data center ended up impacting some, and later most, of the server worlds.

Interestingly, LOTRO’s newer legendary progression servers and some European shards have remained more or less untouched by the outages. The downtime ended up forcing the postponement the popular player-created Weatherstock, which is now eyeing August.

Source: LOTRO, Twitter

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