World of Warcraft has been post-Pandaria longer than it has been pre-Pandaria (in the EU)


When dealing with a long-running MMO, it’s easy to sort its history into eras based on expansions. But it’s also good to remember that those eras are continually shifting. Case in point: EU players have been playing World of Warcraft post-Mists of Pandaria longer than they were playing before Mists launched, and North American players aren’t far away from that same milestone. That means some other milestones are even further in the past, and it also means that you’ll have to recognize Pandaria being in the game longer than… well, longer than not, basically.

If that’s far too reminiscent of your own mortality and an awareness of same that you scrupulously work to avoid, we understand. Here, let’s settle down with some maps, how about that? Nice, high-detail cartographic maps of the Broken Isles, Kul Tiras, and Zandalar made by Sturmbart. They’re very pretty and an excellent does of verisimilitude. Take deep breaths.

Source: Reddit, Icy Veins

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I quit in Cataclysm due to life coming in the way and not having enough spare money for subscription. 10 years later I’m still broke :P
Wish they somehow went F2P already since I would enjoy trying the 2010s era expansions.

Danny Smith

This was the last time i was playing WoW as my main mmo, after that i jumped to FFXIV, which next month means i’ve been playing XIV longer than i played WoW which i got into just as BC was coming around. Boy time flies.


This article makes me feel old somehow… :(

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Jack Pipsam

MoP was great, afterwards was the start of the decline of my interest in WoW, it was never that creative again.

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I remember when people were freaking out because an easter egg from the strategy games was being turned into a ‘proper’ race. Ha! They said the same thing about the Gnomes 15 years ago too. :D

Chris Walker

MoP, my favorite expansion. Still some of the best looking zones in the game. And the PvP was a lot of fun. Good times.

Malcolm Swoboda

And I’m still happier to hit 30 then be in my 20s, aside from wanting a lot more success (I can deal with it) and getting a lil bitty pounch in my belly that I’m working on.

Shadex De'Marr

In related news WoW has been post BC longer than it was pre-BC. Everquest is longer post Shadows of Luclin than pre. FF14 is longer post remake than pre… what was the point of this article again?

Come on people let’s all post even more items that were changed and that time happens.


I really like MOP a lot. Stories are great. World is connected. Lots of fun tasks and content additions. When I go back to level a character for the new 1-60 have-a-look, that is where I am going to go to do it. :)


Didn’t expect I’d experience existential dread this morning over some anthropomorphic panda bears, but here we are.