Black Desert adds a tactics-based PvE arena, a summertime quiz, and a trial that gives away the game

Also the Hashashin is available for console players starting today

Black Desert adds a tactics-based PvE arena, a summertime quiz, and a trial that gives away the game

Free game alert, though with a bit of an asterisk: Black Desert is offering a free trial starting now until August 5th that can end with players getting a full basic game pass for absolutely free, provided they hit level 50 before the trial period ends. This, effectively, means the usual 7-day trial for new registrants will become a 14-day trial but the offer is also open to those who have previously registered but don’t have a game pass. Players who have registered through Steam are not eligible, however.

There’s not just a free trial event happening but also a Trail of Summer event that asks players to answer a series of questions for various rewards like Cron Stones, Advice of Valks, and more. In addition, the top 10 players who finish the quiz the fastest will receive up to 100,000 Kakao Cash.

As for the game itself, there’s a new instance known as the Pit of the Undying, which is Pearl Abyss’ answer to players’ request for “more suspenseful, tactic-based PvE content.” Players will face off against specially selected foes for Seal of the Undying items and an Undying Crow’s Insignia that gets upgraded with additional victories in the Pit. This Insignia will open up a unique Crow Shop which will be added at a later date. The update has also made some adjustments to Agris Fever in low-level monster zones, added season character exclusive regional quests to certain monster zones, and a few other adjustments.

Finally, consider this your friendly reminder that Black Desert console players can now get their hands on the new Hashashin class starting today. In addition, players can earn up to $130 worth of free stuff during a login campaign, and those who level their Hashashin class up to 60 during an event will also receive over 600 million in silver and other goodies. To facilitate this mad rush to level cap, there will be a Hot Time event as well as sandstorms that can be interacted with for even more XP boosts. Details for the latest console version patch are in the notes.

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