Fractured starts its next alpha test today


The original plan for Fractured was to kick off its next alpha testing session on July 16th. That didn’t happen, unfortunately; bugs cropped up at the last minute that needed to be squashed, which also delayed the testing phase. But fortunately for fans of the game, the bugs have now been squashed and the new kickoff for testing is… today, in fact! You can log in and start testing away if your heart so desires.

You’ll need to be an alpha tester for the game, of course. That part is also important. And the buy-in for that is about $104 when adjusted from euros, although the game has done free test events in the past.

So what’s in this particular test that makes it so special? There are two main new features. Player-run cities are now a thing so that players can start their own collection of buildings and really give birth to a settlement of equals. The newest test also adds talent trees to customize your skills, letting you become a specialist rather than a talented generalist. All good things, and all welcome additions as the game reaches its next testing milestone.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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