Rocket League will be going free-to-play and launch on the Epic Games Store this summer


For those who want some car football (or car soccer if you’re uncultured) but don’t want to shell out $20, this summer is going to be a big one for you: Rocket League has announced that it will be going free-to-play this summer, which will coincide with its arrival to the Epic Games Store. It should be noted, however, that the Steam version will no longer be available to download for new players once the F2P transition is made.

Once the game goes free-to-play, all those who have been in-game will be granted “Legacy” status that confers benefits like unique boost cosmetics (including one for those who have played before July 21st), a player banner, a title, and over 200 common items upgraded to “Legacy” quality. Veteran players will also get all Rocket League-branded DLC for free. Additionally, the EGS version of the vehicular footballer will feature cross-play and cross-account features, and the game update itself will bring updates to tournaments and a revamped challenge system.

A firm date for this change is yet to be announced, but additional information is promised in the coming weeks. For now, there’s a landing page where players can check out the legacy goodies and read an FAQ.

source: press release
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