Medieval sandbox MMORPG Past Fate opens its second Kickstarter campaign


Earlier this month we told you about Past Fate’s upcoming second attempt at crowdfunding after the first swing failed to strike. As of yesterday, that second shot at Kickstarter redemption is now live, with the devs asking for $25,000 – a decidedly low number for an MMORPG’s development (yet higher than its prior ask), but Icy North Games explains that the money is for funding the game’s next phase of development instead of funding the entire game’s creation outright.

What makes this time around different? According to the campaign post, there’s a lot more to do in-game now. “Past Fate has a lot more content to explore now, so this is a good point to launch a second campaign and address what we have been wanting to for a long time: giving the game a uniquely awesome feel,” reads the post.

For those who would rather see what they’re getting in to, Past Fate is running a free open alpha for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign that can be snatched up from the official Discord. Otherwise, the team is looking at releasing in late 2022 if all things go to plan.

source: Kickstarter

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Sorry. No more free $$$ for long term, underdeveloped, demos of games that have a greater chance of never releasing than they do of being released in any final fashion.

Finish your game, then we will talk about money. You can thank SC for that.

Jim Bergevin Jr

The thing that SC fanbois fail to understand about the mismanagement of their demo.


Doesn’t look so hot as far as the funding goes at the time of this posting. $1,962 and $1,500 of that is from one backer.