Global Chat: Your complete LOTRO wedding guide


Is your mind whirling with all of the things to do with Lord of the Rings Online’s new Midsummer Festival and the associated wedding content? MMO blog FibroJedi has you covered with this amazing guide to take you through the nuptials in style!

“In 2020, with the release of Update 27, Lord of the Rings Online introduced a brand-new annual event. The Midsummer Festival celebrates the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen, which took place some time after the overthrow of Sauron. Elessar, now finally King of Gondor and Arnor as Elrond mandated, can finally wed his fair Elven lady. So, throw off the armour and only raise your weapons in salute, for the new Midsummer Festival is on.”

Read on for more MMO essays from fans, including balancing World of Warcraft’s older systems, the genuis of City of Heroes: Going Rogue, and EVE Online’s massive World War Bee player event.

Kaylriene: The difficulty of balancing WoW’s legacy systems

“Blizzard’s way of thinking as captured the last several WoW expansions is fundamentally different, and I think wrong in some ways. Blizzard’s response to metagaming becoming more popular in WoW is to make a series of choice gridlocks, where the ‘logic’ of the move is that the game offers so many different permutations you can choose that even imbalanced choices are, in theory, ironed out by the fact that you can make other choices that balance against that issue.”

Nerdy Bookahs: Early access games I’m involved in

“I backed [Project Gorgon] in August 2015, so almost 5 years ago. There was a time where I played it more than just 5 minutes at a time to see if I can spot any immediate changes. I told myself back then to wait until the game’s full release… maybe I shouldn’t have. I still remember that you were able to play the game for free back then, to see if you actually want to back it. I did try it and quite liked it. So there’s no regret in giving the developers my money. They have been constantly updating the game and whenever I checked, the game was online and available to play.”

24 Hours In: The straight and very narrow

“I’ve described Going Rogue as some of the best content of City of Heroes, and while I do stand by that I’ll also acknowledge it’s not perfect. As I’ve played through this run I’ve found a couple of things that are not exactly failings, but not strengths either.”


The Ancient Gaming Noob: Two weeks of World War Bee

“I don’t want to begrudge anybody their PvE fleets or attention to the Triglavian events.  The game supports all sorts of different play styles. But when 100+ alliances are lined up to evict us and four full regions are in play, my sense of what constitutes ‘total war’ in all caps seems to be measured on a different scale.”

Silvite Soltis: The five best types of players in WoW Classic

“Yes, at number 3 we have one of the godsends of my guild – the guys who park their Warlock in world buff locations before raid. These guys are just awesome! Though I personally don’t enjoy the current meta of ‘get as many world buffs as you can before every raid or else you suck,” I definitely appreciate the effort that these guys go through to make sure that the whole raid team can get that extra edge on the big day each week.'”

Neverwinter Thoughts: My top 5 Neverwinter modules

“It may seem odd to give the top spot to a module that didn’t feature a campaign and didn’t have much of a story attached to it, but I’ve really come to adore my little guild’s stronghold. I’m not really a huge fan of housing in general, but the stronghold map is more like a privately shared adventure zone, and I enjoyed seeing our mini guild slowly improve ours as time went on.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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