Sea of Thieves’ Ashen Winds update arrives July 29, brings better hit registration and flamethrowing skulls


The temperature in the Sea of Thieves is about to rise, owing mostly to the arrival of the Ashen Winds update, which is due to land to the piratical sandbox this coming Wednesday, July 29th, according to the game’s Twitter.

Just what is going to come with this new content update? The devs at Rare Ltd. are surprisingly mum in their latest news bulletin video, but it does promise some work on hit registration in the game and making masts and decks of ships actually solid so players can’t be shot through those surfaces.

The video also shows off a new reward known as the Ashen Winds Skull, which can either be turned in to the Order of Souls like any skull in the game or can be used as a flamethrower to damage enemies and ships, though doing so will lessen the charge inside and will eventually make the skull worth less gold when turned in to the Order.

Finally, the video offers a look at several new accessibility options including a single-stick play mode, an option to re-center the game’s camera to the horizon, and even an option for players to automatically float once they hit the water to accommodate those with thalassophobia.

The developer video is below, though it should be noted that executive producer Joe Neate states that Ashen Winds will land on July 22nd, which was updated in the embedded tweet below.

sources: Twitter, YouTube
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