The Daily Grind: If you had to start over with a new MMO account, what would you miss most?


Over the past month, I’ve been chronicling how I started adventuring on a brand-new World of Warcraft account after gifting my old one to my wife. It’s been bizarre to let go of an account I’ve had since 2004 and start completely fresh. For the most part, it’s been a lot of fun, mostly because I do like the starting-from-scratch feeling and have gotten over being way too attached to characters.

That said, there are some things I miss that I wish I had. Mostly this falls into the realm of certain unlocks (like going through the mailroom quest to get Katy Stampwhistle or unlocking flying and allied races everywhere) and some beloved pets and mounts. RIP, Grove Warden! We had many great rides, you and I!

So for today’s discussion, imagine that you had to completely start over with a brand-new account in your MMO. What would you actually miss the most from your old account and why?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Malcolm Swoboda

RIFT (if I still played): this is the only one I’d freak out about all the missed fluff. Costumes, mounts, pets. But it’d be balanced out by the game being a mishmash of character-bound and account-bound fluff. I’ve wanted to change my main to a mage or cleric, from rogue, for years but I don’t think they have a way to do that, so all my cool stuff is stuck to the rogue. Part of me even wants to try a fresh account, but I see too much convenience is hinged on limited stuff I missed, packs I’d be in no rush to get, or the Loyalty grind. Might still do it on a ‘lark’ if I had a friend to mess around with.

SWTOR: Mainly my Legacy level. I have very few exclusives and I’ve even restarted my characters/main a couple times, I just slightly dread the idea of going full F2P for any period. It wouldn’t be terrible, just annoying. There’s some F2P restrictions remaining that are just sooooo pointlessssss (like artifact gear, dungeon/pvp loot, hide head slot, all are stupid and show an increasingly ancient model).

SWL: Well I ended The Secret World and just hoped everything would eventually port to SWL, but it still hasn’t quite, and I’m too lazy about it to check between my accounts. If I had to restart SWL I’d miss all the little bonuses I’ve racked up that lets me grind easier. I can’t care about vanity in a game that won’t give me new backdrops (that is, ADD SOME ZONES AND CUTSCENES) to feel vain in.

I’m pretty sure I’d be fine with restarting any other account. WoW I’ve mostly ever played on trial basis. FFXIV I’ve never gotten past the Lv 30s in a job, so I was totally comfortable with restarting a trial account in prep for the next patch. ESO I’d miss the little things, mainly pets, that I’d login to claim. Not huge things because they haven’t been huge games for me for years, though all have a shot at claiming a ‘main’ spot now that the other ones seem in or approaching maintenance mode.

Jon Wax

Sounds dumb but if I’m serious about a game I put some effort into my character name. Try and give it some zing and something I can be proud of repping up. But things happen sometimes ya just gotta go with change


Anything I purchased and stuff I earned that isn’t available anymore or was a huge pain to get. Guess that’s why I wasn’t happy with RIFT Prime because it basically did both of those things while trying to resell me the mounts I already owned on the main game.

Adam Russell

Yea anything that speeds up travel time will be missed. Runspeed, mounts, port clickies…

Bruno Brito

Some transmogs and if i had any, cashshop stuff.


I don’t care about achievements at all and only a little bit about cosmetics. I don’t care about my old characters or what they have on them. I just care about power advantages and names a little bit. So for example in WoW I would miss my gold and the names that I have reserved, and heirlooms if not for the incoming nerf to them.

Of course if there is anything that is worth real money then it matters. So expansions that you need to buy, cash shop currency etc. Even game currency in cases where it has a real world value that matters outside of black markets, like in WoW.

Kickstarter Donor

The character names, because the chances of getting the names you want again are going to be practically ZERO! heh

Oleg Chebeneev

I didnt miss anything when I made fresh account instead of playing old one. I wanted to do a fresh achievements hunt and had quite alot of fun while doing that.


Cosmetics, all the dyes and motif styles I have unlocked over the years.

Kickstarter Donor
Brazen Bondar

Without doubt I would miss being over powered. I generally despise combat. It’s necessary to do to advance the story, but once I get to max level I don’t want to worry about dying ever again. The thought of having to start a game over and die every five minutes to random mobs is just…too annoying to even think about.