Elder Scrolls Blades is adding new repeatable quests in its next update


There’s certainly lots of quests to do in Elder Scrolls Blades already, but in the game’s next update, there will be more of them. And they’ll be repeatable. Which shouldn’t be read as sarcasm, by the way, especially since grinding stuff is part of an MMO player’s DNA anyway.

These new Event Quests will not only be able to be repeated a total of five times but will also get increasingly more difficult with every new attempt. They will also feature unique modifiers such as enemies that are immune to physical weapons or dish out only shock damage. Event Quests will rotate on a regular basis and will be completely free to take on, requiring players to only be level 10.

Clearing these Event Quests will reward players with Sigils, which can be used in the Sigil Shop to purchase crafting and enchanting materials, enchanted weapons, and all-new Arcane items. There will also be material, gold, and Gem rewards for clearing these quests as well.

These new quests will arrive when Update 1.8 hits, which will also bring numerous fixes and improvements. Those details will arrive when the patch notes are shared, while the update itself is planned to launch soon™.


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Malcolm Swoboda

Game won’t even run well at all on my mid-range 2018 phone. That’s understandable, but a bit confusing if they were trying to go for accessibility to a wide audience like mobile tends to try. As well, I can play lots of 3d games to at least an okay level, not this unplayable thing. No graphics option likely hurts it.

Bryan Turner

Games not even available for me.


Same would be for me, yet I’ve played it on my phone. Just go to APKMirror and download the latest APK and install it

The game is not even good – there is no in-game graphics option so the game “decides” what settings to use and you can’t change it. The gameplay is repetitive and boring, opposite of thrilling and inspiring. They promised the game would release on PC too, but for 1-2 years it hasn’t happened. And nothing is really stopping them other than their Bethesda Laziness™.

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Tobasco da Gama

Yeah, it’s not available on my phone, either, which is the only place I’d really want to play it. The Switch version exists and is basically fine, but if I want to play an action/RPG game on Switch I’ve got loads of better options. Blades is free to play, though, so it’s got that going for it.