Star Citizen devs discuss the updates, features, and adjustments of alpha 3.10


With alpha 3.10 now in the PTU, fans of Star Citizen have a number of questions about the update. This past Friday’s Star Citizen Live sought to address those questions with the help of game director Todd Papy and vehicle director John Crew.

The video touched on a variety of 3.10-specific adjustments like how atmosphere changes the speed of aircraft depending on how high or low to a planet’s surface you are and general difficulty with steering large ships in atmosphere. Both of these are conscious design decisions according to Papy. The fact that ship noses can pitch upwards on takeoff is at least semi-intended depending on where a ship’s vertical thrusters or VTOL engines are located, though extreme pitching is likely a bug.

There was a question regarding changes to delivery missions, which are now more “modularized” according to Crew in order to make them scalable and moveable to different locations. They are reportedly paying out less, but Crew assures that those are going to be adjustment over the course of public testing.

Another couple of questions talked about the new targeting pips in the UI, confirming that selecting targets in radar range will be back in where a previous build only allowed targets in visual range to be selected, while additional UI changes are in the works for future updates.

These are just a few of the myriad questions answered in the video, so it’s worth a moment for fans to watch the complete hour if they can. Speaking of videos, there’s also a fan-made documentary about the Jumptown Wars, a player-created event that was written into the game’s official lore. Both of those videos are after the cut.

source: YouTube (1, 2)

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