Astellia Online patches out the summer event, improves rewards, and adds more cosmetic slots


Summer has come to an end… well, over in Astellia Online. The game’s newest patch removes the summer event, so you’ll need to focus more on standard game activities like farming in Avalon. Of course, the game has also adjusted the rewards in Avalon, with enhanced stats for weapons and armor gained there, improved stats for armors made with Stella Shards, and new token drops from enemies within the region to reward players hacking through the area.

A lot of rewards have been adjusted with this particular patch. Arena rewards have been rearranged to make 1000 the highest score, for example, while subscription players are getting additional items on a monthly basis. Players will also gain access to a new skin equipment slot, allowing further customization of your character’s appearance without worrying about stat bonuses. Check out the full set of adjustments and changes in the game’s patch notes. (Just don’t look for actual new things to do; those aren’t in there.)


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Glad to see they finally did the remaining gender unlocks for….. oh, wait….nevermind…..


1000x this ^