Shroud of the Avatar is working on a queue system for PvP


If you’re looking for a fight in Shroud of the Avatar, then you’ll soon be able to take a number thanks to an in-development PvP queue system that’s due to release at some time this year. The system will let players see a list of others looking for PvP, with several brackets planned to show where those players fall in different level brackets relative to their personal level. Players who elect to pick a fight with someone 20 levels below themselves will not receive any Credits.

The initial version of this queue will simply have a “join” button, but future updates will also include features like map selection, level limits, and a choice between ranked PvP and practice. Once the combatants have been paired up and everyone agrees to start the fight, the players will be spawned into random areas on a randomly selected battle scene to square off until one of the fighters leaves or dies. Some of these battle scenes will feature time restraint mechanics like a closing death field or rising lava. So that’s fun.

Currently, the system will use the existing leaderboard, but there are plans to have a ranked leaderboard later. It’s all still a bit nebulous and features could change between now and release, but it is something for PvP’ing Avatars to look forward to at least.

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