Echo of Soul’s EOS The Blue revamp is open for preregistration, kinda


Back in June, we covered the news that Echo of Soul was being revitalized by a coterie of game development companies – welcome news, since the game has a long list of sunsets and classic servers and closures in its relatively short history.

Anyhow, Blue Potion Games announced this week that it’s begun pre-registration for the do-over for the PC MMORPG, now dubbed EOS: The Blue, in South East Asia as of today.

“EOS: The Blue will be serviced to 13 countries in Southeast Asia through the LINE POD platform, LINE’s new PC game platform that is popular in SEA. EOS: The Blue had already entered the Southeast Asian gaming market through other publishers, but Blue Potion Games switched to LINE POD to provide high-quality services for the players. EOS: The Blue has been offered in North American and European services through Gamigo AG since 2017.”

That last line is especially confusing, as Gamigo does indeed still run Echo of Soul in the west, but it’s still branded as Echo of Soul: The Kingdom. There’s also a second version run by Blue Potion on Steam for the last couple of years, but it’s still flagged early access, and it’s also just called ECHO OF SOUL. It’s not super clear whether the branding is changing around or Gamigo will actually be launching the new version.

Oh, and just to add to the confusion, there’s also apparently a mobile version called EOS: The Red with over 1M pre-registered players.

It’s in my head, so now it needs to be in yours.

Source: Press release

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To many versions so confusing. Where is the link to register please , I can’t seem to see it other then the current versions of the game thank you


Continually amazed that this game continues slogging along. Definitely one of my “guilty pleasure” MMOs, I enjoyed it probably more than I should have. Based on the press release it doesn’t seem like anything is changing for the Western version? Or did I misinterpret?

Robert Mann

You can run down narrow outdoor corridors and play the most basic grindy experience we can make once more… just with less red and yellow.