Final Fantasy XIV reminds players to finish the Crystal Tower series and get a mount before August 11


The next Final Fantasy XIV patch arrives on August 11th, and you’re going to need to do some stuff ahead of time if you want to continue with the MSQ when it arrives. Fortunately, if you’ve been playing for a while, odds are nearly absolute that you’ve already done it, but the team behind the game is reminding people one last time that both the Crystal Tower series and the initial chocobo quest will be required to progress starting with the patch 5.3 MSQ.

The latter is something that’s more or less automatic as it unlocks your first mount, but the former will mean going through Labyrinth of the Ancients, the Syrcus Tower, and the World of Darkness (all three instances are queued, run regularly for roulettes, and take around half an hour). So it’s a bit of extra leg work if you’ve never unlocked this content, but you have two weeks to work on it ahead of the patch. Get it done now instead of being frustrated in August.

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