Heroes and Villains promises unique narrative features and gameplay that doesn’t revolve around combat


Oh look at that, it’s been roughly over a year since we had a peek in on Heroes and Villains, so here we are once more with a look at the developing City of Heroes successor’s weekly update posts which consist of… promises. Lots and lots of promises.

Posts from February to current involve a number of thoughts on how the developing title will approach narrative matters differently than other MMOs including making player choices “meaningful and permanent” and avoiding pointless side quests. There are also a number of posts about tackling the problem of power standardization, and several more posts about using powers outside of combat.

“The only way to do this properly is to break away from the making the game revolve around almost constant combat, which is the focus of all traditional MMOs – as well as single player RPGs. No matter what the genre of a multiplayer or single player RPG is – whether they’re fantasy, or sci-fi, or steampunk, or cyberpunk, or comic book, or anything else – they always revolve around combat as the core gameplay system.”

Heroes and Villains has been in development since roughly 2012 and 2013 without resorting to a Kickstarter. By comparison, other successor titles like City of Titans, Valiance Online, and Ship of Heroes are all much further along.


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… I actually forgot this game existed. Huh.

Aluminum Man

Their forum posts kook more like a blog about what someone would like to see in a theoretical superhero game than any actual development, work, or progress. Seven years of effort in this?

Bruno Brito

Housing? Crafting without combat? Pure gathering? Gardening/archeology systems?

Hey, everything that increases the way you play the game is welcome by me.


“SuperDude! That God I reached you. This is Commissioner Gendry…Cap’n Crook has just broke into the National Bank and has hostages. Please come quick!”

“Sorry Commissioner, I’m in the middle of doing my lawn. This isnt going to mow itself!.”


In all honesty, I thought H&V just sort of vanished. On the other hand, kudos for plugging away at it?


Well props to them for continuing to keep at it I guess, though the forum activity at a glance is pretty telling. Not to mention the weekly updates seem to be kind of just indicating that they’re still working on concepts and design ideas…

Still props to them for continuing to put out weekly updates I guess.