Warframe walks down The Steel Path, now live in hard mode


Warframe’s newest mission is its most lucrative — and dangerous. This week, the space ninja title dropped The Steel Path hardmode update, giving highly experienced players a run for the money.

“The Steel Path flips the Origin System on its head, increasing the difficulty of every node on the Star Chart,” Digital Extremes said. “Put your skills to the test against enemies that are 100 levels tougher. Persevere, and your strength will be rewarded. You’ll earn more Resources, Mastery, and have a higher chance of finding Resources and Mods than in any other Mission!”

It’s a good time for a new update, as (virtual) TennoCon is right around the corner. The mysterious Heart of Deimos is expected to be fully revealed during its keynote address.

This week’s patch also added the Bishamo Armor and Khora’s Urushu Deluxe skin. Check out the trailer below!

Source: Warframe, press release


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