Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning is getting Twitch drops, no kidding

Sort of?

I can’t think of a whole lot of rogue servers or player-run emulators that make the leap to Twitch drops, but Return of Reckoning, the player-run Warhammer Online megalith, is doing just that, with an account system that will now allow players to link their game accounts to their Twitch accounts and then watch affiliated streamers for their drops.

“Enabling Twitch Drops is a new milestone for us, it does not help the server in any financial way (to clear that out),” the devs explain. “But for months, we’ve been checking how we can support the streamers who spend hours and days broadcasting the gameplay, supporting the player-base and somehow promoting the server. This was how, by giving players an incentive to check streamers, watch and appreciate them while also benefiting from the rewards.”

The perks drop as gamers are watching streamers over time, randomly and cumulatively, and they include dyes, gold, renown potions, liniment crates, pets, unique mounts, crafting boxes, talisman boxes, and even quest chains – seriously.

“The big quest chain intends to group the streamer with the players watching him. The streamer will receive a key that will allow the viewers to proceed with that quest. This effort has been made to bring the community closer to its streamers.”

The first, and presumably not the last, such Twitch drop event is this weekend, running Friday, July 31st, through Monday, August 3rd.

Source: Press release
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