ArcheAge announces The Ipnysh Sanctuary, coming August 13 [Updated]

ArcheAge announces The Ipnysh Sanctuary, coming August 13 [Updated]

ArcheAge is getting another content update in the form of Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary next month on August 13th. Gamigo’s press says players can “score some generous discounts on Garden of the Gods should they choose to purchase one of the most breathtaking expansions in ArcheAge’s history.” [After publication, Gamigo clarified for us that this update will not incur extra fees for Unchained players, but they will need to have already purchased Garden of the Gods. We initially assumed this would be separate paid DLC, but it’s not!]

This follows the original Garden of the Gods update this past spring, whereby Gamigo released info on the expansion and then stealth-revealed that it would be going back on its pre-launch promises about Unchained’s payment model and changing that model dramatically, admitting that paid DLC would be needed to make up for “deficiencies” in ArcheAge Unchained’s launch.

Ipnysh offers a new post-storyline dungeon, new gear, and another round of the Mistsong Banquet.

“The new dungeon is located on Aegis Island and can be accessed by completing the main story questline of the Garden of the Gods expansion. It offers thrilling challenges for daring adventurers in search of the new Immortal Warden gear that can hold its own even against other high-level armor such as the Exalted Hiram Guardian equipment and comes with a variety of additional effects to the players’ skills. Players can also take a break to participate in the Mistsong Banquet during its second season. There are new quests and rewards players can complete for a limited time. With the Gods’ Authorities, a mighty new feature will be added to Garden of the Gods, granting skills to the heroes or buffs to faction members, which they can then utilize in battle against their enemies. The maximum number of players in said zone will also be adjusted to 150 per faction to ensure an epic experience. Further balance changes will also be added that affect combat in ArcheAge. Skillsets such as Vitalism, Swiftblade and others will be adjusted to give players more freedom in developing their unique character.”

Gamigo actually did a video, which is more than I can say for a lot of studios lately. Here are the pics, too.

Source: Press release
Gamigo has clarified for us that this update will not in fact carry any cost for ArcheAge Unchained players except in that they already have to own and have paid for Garden of the Gods – this update is considered an update to that. We’ve amended our title and post accordingly. Apologies for the confusion!

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I feel sorry for the game itself. What could have been a great game has just been killed by companies being companies and trying to nickle and dime the players to death.

I wander how long before these versions of the game becomes second class and a new version Archeage Re-Unchained becomes the new version.

Bruno Brito

I don’t. Archeage was made with several core design choices that allowed for heavy monetization. The way the game is developed opens that door. The most egregious is Labor, but the entire regrade system is also a huge point of contention.

This game was MADE for swipers.

Bryan Turner

Yet again they are violating the their written agreement regarding the initial cost of Arch Age Unchained, this should have been completely paid for already; some one needs to sue the hell out of Gamigo over this.


Sweet. But unfortunately it will still be a while before my character can participate in these end game zones.