Lord of the Rings Online previews Rohan housing, re-enables world chat


Life is starting to get back to normal in the bruised and battered Lord of the Rings Online. Following the server troubles of the past two weeks, SSG has re-enabled the game’s chat system and even had time to put out a final ranking of the recent Tournament of the Twins server.

But perhaps the most promising sign that the MMO is moving forward is that SSG has resumed testing of the game’s next patch — one that is expected to bring Rohan housing and unlock Helm’s Deep for the progression servers.

Players can check out Update 27.2 on the Bullroarer server right now. Some of the newest features includes the addition of junk carry-alls, PvMP tweaks, more music, and some nifty housing benefits.

As we previously covered, Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini finally addressed the server issues earlier this week, saying, “The cause was outside the scope of code and bugs, and solving these issues required (and requires) substantial restructuring of our server infrastructure. We have completed the first wave of those changes, and will continue to work on and hone these improvements in the coming weeks to make the experience better for our players.”


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Bruno Brito

I wanna get back into LOTRO but i’m really not interested in logging in for a halfassed experience. Are the fixes doing anything?


For me at least the last few nights have had minor, brief lag hiccups, but nothing serious. As mentioned, chat and friends lists are fully enabled again, as of last night.


I want Lothlorien housing soooo much!

Jon Wax

Riders of Rohan! What news from the riddermark?!

Rents due on the first, mlord!!!