Lost Ark KR launches its second season, teases a new class and future updates


While we’re still kind of watching and waiting for the game to arrive to our shores, Korean players of Lost Ark are already deep into the game’s second season. In fact, they’re even looking ahead to new content and a new class.

Season 2 has begun, which MMO Culture reports is bringing a number of guild and multiplayer-related content updates to “improve the overall community spirit.” Season 2 also heralds the arrival of the high-tech Scouter class just in case you have no friends other than your little in-game robot buddies.

This appears to be just the beginning of Season 2’s updates, as a roadmap calendar also points to updates like a new server, new locations, an intimidating Chaos Guardian Argos creature, and the Reaper class, the third in the Assassin tree. Much of what’s available to Korean players can be seen by all of us here in the west in the trailer below.

source: official site (1, 2) via MMO Culture

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