New World’s first ‘density’ stress test begins today at 5 p.m. EDT


MMO gamers are gearing up for stress testing in Amazon’s New World today and into the weekend. As we previously posted, today’s event kicks off at 5 p.m. EDT. Alpha players and Amazon preorder players who bought the game before July 26th should’ve already gotten their keys and access info, while Steam preorder players will need to follow the New World community page or Steam to figure out how to get in. Amazon says some beta signer-uppers who registered prior to July 9th will also receive invites to this event.

“In preparation for New World Preview, we will need the community’s help in preparing our servers to ensure stability at scale. A Density Test will be hosted on our US server beginning on Thursday, 7/30/2020. Come help ensure the servers are ready for New World Preview. Please note that the Density Test will be under NDA, unlike the New World Preview in August. For this Density Test, we will be inviting all Alpha Testers, everyone who pre-ordered on or before July 26th and a random selection of Beta sign ups received on or before July 9th to join in and play alongside the New World team. Due to the need to have a large wave of players in the game at the same time, we will begin rolling out Density Test invites a few days prior to the start of 7/30/2020 at 2:00 PM PT. While the Density Test may only run for a short window of time, it is a critical piece of our preparation for New World Preview, and your help is very important.”

Do note that the event is under NDA.

Source: Twitter
Looks you can play outside of the posted hours too, according to today’s tweets. (Thanks, Relic!)


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Yeah, I’ll pass, thanks.

ichi sakari

it took over an hour to load into the world after customizing my character and completing the tutorial, but once in we played for a solid 8 hours no crash

its every MMO ever, very derivative, up to level 15 was totally on rails

almost soulless, it felt like WoW and ESO and BDO had a three-way and this is the result

graphics are OK, nothing spectacular, but there were some pretty moments

everything ran smoothly, which was a nice change after playtesting the still buggy Star Citizen, but it didn’t feel rewarding or exciting

maybe I’ve awakened on a beach too many times and now I’m burnt out, but it was deja vu all over again, nothing, absolutely nothing was new here

but damn, free MMO, let’s see if we can hit 30

here’s a picture of two dogs since I’m under NDA no screenie for you!

Robert Mann

Ah, those times would have killed any chance of me participating. Sleep and work are still more important than games (since that’s not my work I guess).


The test is open nonstop for those 3 days. They just want to encourage people to be on during those times to stress the servers. The wording is very misleading, but you can log on whenever you want.

Rick Mills

Well, that was interesting.


Still under NDA…absolutely ridiculous.


Nothing fancy but this came to mind, hehe…

amazon new world i'm your density.gif