The Daily Grind: What’s one thing you love and hate about your favorite MMO?


Back when I ran youth groups, one question that I liked to kick off our meetings with was to ask the teens what was the absolute best and absolute worst parts of their past week. There’s something about examining extremes that gets people talking and sharing, and I hope we can do that today.

So today’s Daily Grind topic is pretty easy and extremely subjective. Look at the game or games you are playing and answer this: What is one thing you absolutely love about that MMO… and what is one thing you definitely hate about it?

I’ll go first for Lord of the Rings Online. I really love the sense of this detailed, cohesive world that sucks me in unlike most other games. And I really am deeply annoyed at the incredible mess that the legendary item system represents.

Best and worst, people. Get to talkin’!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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I love how beautiful the world is. I hate how exploration of that world is strangled by story progression (even though I continue to love the story more and more).

Mia DeSanzo

Black Desert Online:
I love the world, the graphics, the combat, and all the events. I hate the singular, linear main quest line. Even though it has been streamlined, it is still repetitive if you’re an altoholic like me.


It’s really impossible to list only one thing that I liked or disliked.


– Loved the music in it, it really made the game feel like being in Middle Earth, and the music is important to me in all games. Loved the music instrument system where I could play my own music and loved the community in the game.

– Hated how slow the new content was released and how there was no interesting PvP, this is what made the game lose most of the population over time (I know because I asked many former players) and without population to socialize with or new story to do this game is absolutely pointless to play unless you’re one of those people who keep making alts or like to do pointless crafting or do dungeons over and over for no good reason, and those activities are the least interesting part in any MMORPG for me.


– Loved voice acting.

– Hated everything else, from awful desaturated color palette to poor animation quality to poor game performance in populated areas to the character skill system (I could never make a skill combination which I genuinely liked) to the lack of global auction house to the utterly boring stories with a lot of forgettable names and the way the stories were disjointed from each other. Same goes for awful community, with general chat filled with cringe lore jokes or dad jokes or being silent even when you request nearby people who are doing same public quest/dungeon to res you. That is just my opinion, I know a lot of people like all of this.

EVE Online:

– Loved basically everything, from awesome ambient soundtrack to the vast amount of world to travel and explore to the huge amount of interesting things to do especially if you are thinking and very social type of person and not a “bash dumb AI monsters for few hours to relax after work” type of person. Can craft meaningful things which can be always in demand because they can be fully looted or destroyed, can permanently take over territories and build your own structures, can have huge fights with 1000’s of players, can destroy other corporations and steal their property like in no other game, can help other players in case they get lost and unable to find exit out of certain area of space until you provide them with location of hidden equipment which is used to find an exit – which other MMORPG provides a mechanics where you can get permanently lost in an area until someone will help you find an exit or you will kill yourself and lose all your stuff?

– Disliked the way CCP kept ignoring bots and multiboxers for a very, very long time. Also disliked the fact that there were no walking avatars which could be used to socialize with other players in public places. Those were the only issues which made me quit it.


– Liked how populated this game was, and still is on WoW Classic servers, specifically the PvP servers (which are the most populated WoW Classic servers since most multiplayer video game players like PvP). Liked playing as Druid – yea the other classes were better in terms of DPS or tanking or healing in dungeons or arenas or duels but I never cared about doing those boring things. Liked the random open world PvP battles on PvP servers.

– Really disliked the cartooney art style, it made me not care about any cosmetic items or mounts. Same goes for lack of character customization. Also really disliked the amount of immature players in it, including all the racists/xenophobes and similar hateful people or people who think it’s fun to make such jokes because they hear a lot of those in junior high school. EVE Online had much better community in my experience.


– Loved the art style of the characters (best cat/bunny races compared to any other MMORPG), loved the music, loved the story, loved the random socialization in capital cities.

– Hated the forced dungeons of MSQ and really disliked the lack of open world PvP, no interesting PvP meant most people were just quitting the game until next major expansion and I hate seeing population drops where the game looks like “ghost town” with just few people standing in capital cities waiting for the dungeon queues during certain time of the day.


ESO is pretty close to the feel of the single player Elder Scrolls games, and is a decent game in it’s own right. I enjoyed the story a lot.

But, I loathe and despise the cash shop. It’s a B2p game, and they have the nerve to have a F2P style cash shop. “Thanks for your $60, now give us more $$$, yes, more $$$, hehehe, more $$$!”

Kickstarter Donor

Hate that it does not exists.


Classic WoW
+ love how it puts me back in the shoes of a nobody adventurer, exploring the world in a slow and relatively unguided way
– hate that the endgame is all about raiding and minmaxing

+ love the quests and the stories. In my opinion it has the best storytelling of all currently active MMOs, including SWTOR (cliche and predictable)
– combat feels sluggish and unresponsive

+ love healing in this game – it’s twitchy and impactful and you feel like you make a difference with each spell you cast
– stories are overly dramatic, convoluted and – to be frank – overrated. Also dislike the Japanese style of humor

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BDO – love its graphics and world; hate everything else

TERA – love its combat; hate everything else

Oldschool FFXI – love just about everything; wasnt a fan of its combat


LotRO was probably my favourite MMORPG

My absolute first love in that game was the combat mechanics. Sooooo much depth! Expanding beyond the usual trinity to include 3 support classes just opened up so many new tactics and group combinations compared to it’s competitors, plus each class had a lot of depth, placing the greater emphasis on player skill and not on gear like so many other games. Raiding or PvPing with captain, burglar and loremaster was just so much fun compared to any other game I’ve ever played.

The thing I hated most was a combination of radience and skill tree bonuses, both introduced with Moria. Radience changed the nature of endgame, forcing every player down a specific gearing route. In SoA, endgame was horizontal: crit-crafted was the same as Helegrod raid set which was the same as Rift raid set which was the same as PvP set. This meant barrier to entry was gone, flexibility was high. Radience meant the gear was tiered: there was one way to gear and if you didn’t have the gear, you couldn’t join in. Radience alone killed off ~50% of the endgame community on my server.

This was combined with the change to trait trees. In SoA, there were no bonuses for equiping traits from the same tree, so we had maximum flexibility. In Moria, they added bonuses, which meant everyone had to start speccing certain ways. So, with gear flexibility removed, then trait flexibility removed, endgame just became more boring and linear.

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Brazen Bondar

TSW: Loved the story line. It was so different and original compared to everything else out there. Loved that you could use whatever weapon you wanted and go where ever you wanted even if you died as a result. Loathed the way the later developers locked items that had to be used for the museum behind high level dungeons.

SWTOR: Absolutely love the story telling. Hands down this is the best part of the game. Absolutely loathe the rigidity of bonus missions which pop up , even though you don’t choose them – those kill 30 of whatever the latest thing is. And you have to kill them even if you are a Jedi or a covert agent. My grand son deleted his Jedi character asking : “If I’m a Jedi, why do I have to kill all these people?” It was a great question and a good example of the limitations of the mission system in the game.

Lethia Myune

swtor is my all time favorite i guess based on the thousands of hours put in it lol so:
love: the story based gameplay and the soloability of almost everything, i can actually login and do things and not wait 2 hours for a dps queue to pop to progress a story lol. love the companions and how well implemented they are. lots of options to customize your character’s looks
hate: the updates and how dead in the water the game is for whatever reason. even in this year’s planned updates we are treated with…probably 30 min worth of content and some qol stuff…it’s depressing to see how nobody at ea/bioware cares about swtor anymore :( also hate the disgusting f2p they have going since forever…plz stop and change >.<